I had my first experience practicing yoga as a little girl with my grandmother. It wasn’t until University that I rediscovered yoga and fell in love with the practice. The strength, patience and clarity that I felt in yoga drew me in, and it wasn't long before yoga became a big part of my life. This new passion I felt was infectious and the decision to share the experience with others was the natural next step. Moving to Vancouver in 2006, I began my teacher training the next day, and have been teaching hatha and vinyasa yoga ever since.

After a break from yoga and teaching, I am happy to be back breathing and flowing on the mat. I am excited to offer my knowledge and spread the love of yoga to students. My classes offer poses to keep you grounded and breathing deeply, guiding you with essential alignment cues and open for people of all ages, shapes and athletic ability. Classes are open to beginners, and people who are looking for a gentle approach to yoga through a fun, safe and encouraging practice that is an excellent complement to any physical sport.

Yoga is all about balance. Balance of the mind. Balance of the breath. Balance of the body. Balance of time. When you take the time to listen to what your body needs and foster the growth to get there, you will find your inner balance and soul flow.

See you on the mat!




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